Weight Loss

  • Are you struggling to lose weight?
  • Do you eat irregularly?
  • Do you crave specific foods?
  • Do you have a lot of stress in your life?
  • Have you skin/ hair lost their glow?
  • Are you ready to say goodbye to bloating and gas?
  • Would you like to slow down ageing and enjoy vibrant energy?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, my bespoke nutrition plan dedicated to support and empower you to shed unwanted pounds, improve your health and be the best you can!

Why diets don’t work?

Most weight loss programs only address the causes of the food we eat and the energy we expand, however being overweight or obese is often more than this. Overweight and obesity is often a complex health condition with no single cause. Although there is no single cause, there are several contributing factors that may play a role, including high glycaemic load diet, inactivity, hormonal imbalances, poor liver function, certain medication, hypothyroidism, toxicity, inflammation, alcohol intake, insulin resistance, appetite dysregulation, genetics, stress and psychological factors including depression.

I have seen many clients who have followed unsafe diets – diets driven by calories rather than nutrition – which results in actual health problems. For example, a high- protein diet, over a prolonged period, can lead to bone deterioration and kidney problems, a low- fat diet may interfere wit hormonal health and brain function, affecting mood and self- perception.

Trying to find what work for you can be time consuming and frustrating if you are not feeling on top of your game to start with.

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