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Neringa has become a confidant to me, I trust her! I first met Neringa in 2015, my life was in a very uncertain state – I had been under such pressure that I had been emotionally eating. I was 44years old. Everything was happening to me at the same time:

  • My mother after caring for her for 5years, sadly died
  • I was going through a divorce
  • I have moved properties and top it all;
  • Suddenly I was putting on weight and not burning it – I have always been slim and toned however no matter what I did this horrible middle section appeared around my slim waist!
  • Then the penny dropped it’s the ‘M’ word The Menopause – my metabolism was slowing down and because I was so stressed out I kept eating the worst food ever which my body could not break down. So I panicked – I had found 2 nutritionists prior and they just did not help me – I knew what I needed – I needed weekly support. In November 2015, I interviewed 7 nutritionists and that is when I meet the lovely Neringa. She I remember she patiently listened to me and made a complete system up for me. I thought I was slimming down by eating soups twice a day – Neringa Enlighted me – she plainly said:

“Melanie you have malnutrition – you are not eating enough protein, your body is starving that is why are hungry”

  1. She came to my house we cleared all the food out
  2. Gave me a new shopping list
  3. Gave me simple instructions on how to cook (I do not cook)
  4. She called me once a week for a weekly chat to find out how I was doing

As soon as I listened to her – it all made sense, my body loved the food and still my morning green juices. It took a little time to detox from the sugar in my system! After that it was great. When we spoke she always listened to me – and tweaked my eating plan – she was kind and loving to me, I honestly do not think she was interested in the money. I think she saw I was in huge pain from the loss of my mother and she almost thought I am going to help this lady. Well she did that – she has completely changed my life – I cook all the time – I am now super smart with what I eat – Neringa has prepared me – I have stress snacks for when I am in the office and afternoon snacks for when my body dips in energy. Now I am rocking and rolling – I look better now than when I was in my 30’s Also it was my daughters wedding in June 2017! And I easily fitted into a dress size 8. That made me very happy indeed. My skin is so lovely and I live between London and Italy so getting into a bikini is very important part of my life. I rock my bikini my waist is super slim because of the way I eat (not to mention a younger man recently was complementary about my physical shape – it was one of those moments ladies – he was 12years younger me! Now my body knows how to break down the food and not store it and I feel so confident and happy in my skin. YES I still have days when things upset me and eat old comfort foods – it is OK I just call Neringa and she is always there and puts me on the right path again – so she is my true confidant I can tell her anything, I am never judged and she just seems to understand. I have recommended Neringa too many of my friends and strangers who ask me how do I keep trim and I can highly recommend her to you without any hesitation.

Enjoy your new life!

Melanie Watts

Founder, Lemiena

“When I started with Neringa I was a size 14, stressed, exhausted and depressed. My doctor had put me on anti-depressants that did not work. Neringa measured my neurotransmitters and stress levels and rebalanced my biochemistry with food and supplements. I am now a size 6, can cope with stress and feel joyous and invigorated. It is difficult to describe the emotions that emanate from this transformation. I can not recommend Neringa enough.”


“She blows all other nutritionists away. She’ll transform your body, kick up your energy levels and will make you feel like you’re on happy pills.” 


“Simply Extraordinary! She offers a new way to think about weight loss that will change your eating habits forever.”


“Neringa is a skilled therapist. She taught me about the power of food and how it influences the body. She explained why I was craving certain foods and provided me with behaviour techniques and supplements to mitigate my cravings. I now have a much more balanced approach to food. I do not obsess over food and have healed other relationships.



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