CLEANSE – 1 Month Programme


Our programs are completely customised around you – Whether you’re a couple trying to conceive, a husband trying to stay fit between a packed day of work, or you have simply struggled with your weight all your life, Neri Kasa will be able to build a nutritional plan that works for you.



Introduction/detox menu to bring your GLOW back
Consultation 1 hour (£175)
Meeting in your “kitchen” (£125)
Bespoke Detox and Menu plan for 1 month (£200)
4 weekly Coaching calls (£47 each)
Sleep – how to optimise your sleep in order to allow your body to heal and restore your immune system

Menu plan 4 new recipes
2 Coaching calls with Neri Kasa
An hour consultation (£85) with Kensington Nutrition’s Expert Nuno Campus Exclaimed tutor of the English National Ballet, his passion is for dance and he is a Master trainer in Pilates and Anti Gravity yoga. He teaches you the core value of Pilates with smiles and great music. Nuno has developed a personal 20 minute program for you to train daily at home.

Menu plan 4 new recipes
2 Coaching calls with Neri Kasa
1hr Aromatherapy oils natural healing de-stressing Facial (£85) to be performed by Kensington Nutrition’s Aromatherapist Specialist Beautician. This facial will focus on releasing tension in the head, face, neck and shoulder muscles. This will help relieve stress, strengthen your facial muscles and helps you look and feel younger.


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