Natural ways to stop hair loss

Hair loss is a key indicator that your thyroid isn’t working. Other symptoms of a bung thyroid can include weight gain around the mid-section, cold hands and feet, dry skin, poor memory and depression.
So how do you actually fix these issues? Balancing hormones is crucial to all areas of health, especially when your body is screaming out to you by way of hair loss or acne. If you can decode the messages your body is sharing with you, and apply some diet and lifestyle changes, you may easily get back on track to holding onto your precious locks. Here, are my top six tips for revving up your thyroid!

1. Maca. I love this superfood from Peru because of the way it adapts to what your body needs. If your thyroid is under-active (hypothyroidism), Maca helps to fire it up again. Or if it’s overactive (hyperthyroidism) Maca helps to decrease its activity. How clever is that?!

2. Coconut oil. It helps fire up your metabolism, is full of good fats which are essential for fueling your hormones and helps the gut work better.

3. Seaweed. It’s high in iodine which helps wake up your thyroid. Iodised salt is also great. You could use iodine supplements but I love using food as medicine.

4. Adequate levels of selenium, magnesium and vitamin A are also important to keeping your thyroid in-check. Look into your levels, stat.

5. Exercise plays an important role in stimulating the body and the thyroid, especially when you’re stressed. Sleep is another great healer.

6. Eat little and often. Keeping things chugging along is the key for those with a sluggish thyroid. Regular eating gives an extra kick to the metabolism.

So start with these simple tips and see how your body responds. If you adopt these changes and still feel you need more assistance, a natural health practitioner is your go-to person.

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