Melanie’s Story

On the outside, I appeared to be ‘wonderwoman.’ But on the inside the reality was very different. This was the most challenging time of my life.

I’d hit 40, I was immersed in a high-pressured career, my mother was in her last stages of life, I divorce, moved house. The demands, stresses and strains were never-ending and it was starting to take its toll I stopped sleeping, I turned to comfort food to erase the emotional pain (and provide some much-needed energy.) My metabolism had definitely changed since turning 40 and was clearly slowing down. I was retaining weight and I was becoming increasingly unhealthy, unhappy and tired.

I found Kensington Nutrition Neri came to my rescue. She immediately assessed my diet and lifestyle and to my surprise confirmed that the high levels of stress coupled with a poor processed-heavy diet had resulted in malnutrition. My body was actually starving and I hadn’t even realised.

Neri immediately constructed a personalised nutrient-dense food plan and supported me through weekly coaching calls to ensure I stayed on track and continued to nourish, balance and re-energise my body correctly. Neri’s unique personal and supportive approach allowed me to relax and confide in her and ultimately enabled me to re-build my own self-confidence.

7 months later, I had lost all my excess weight and was feeling stronger both physically and mentally. Three years later, my body is at the peak of health, my skin glows, I sleep soundly and I am the happiest I have ever been. I continue to see Neri through her wonderful KN Q&A Club and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

M Watts
Founder, Lemiena


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