Common Mistakes Women Make in Weight Loss

have seen many clients in my clinic who have followed unsafe diets – diets driven by calories rather than nutrition. When we diet, we consume less food, causing the body to call upon it reserves to release glycogen, which is then used for energy. This glycogen, stored in the liver and lean muscle tissue, is held in a water base. The weight loss we experience in the early stages of a diet is a simply a loss of fluid. This is the basis of the hollow promises behind diets that advertise themselves as a way of losing five pounds in five days. Yes, you do loss weight in terms of fluid loss, but there is no actual body fat loss, so the effect is temporary.

Here are the top most common mistakes:

1. Skipping meals. This is the first thing women do when they want to drop some weight. Yes, they starve themselves, shocking their poor body from the recent high calorie intake it had been enjoying to drastically low and sporadic meals!!!

2. Cutting carbs. Is a favourite for women wanting to lose weight quickly. So yes do not deny you will lose weight, however this will not be due to cutting out an essential macronutrient, it will be due to the large calorie deficit you have taken.

3. Low fat or no fat foods.

4.Listen to everyone’s advice. This is difficult because everyone becomes a nutritional expert and tells you what to do. Taking advice from someone based on their experience isn’t going to help get the body you want. There is no one style diet fits all that’s why there are qualified nutritionists to give you advice individual to you.

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