Too Busy to Eat Healthy?

At least 90% of my clients say, eating healthy takes too much time. I teach my clients, is that eating healthy can be simple, and comes with a variety of benefits, including:

-maintaining your weight
-having more energy
-better sleep
-looking and feeling good!!!!!


1. Double your dinner for easy next day lunches. Always prepare more food for your dinner than you need. That way you can pack it up for lunches the next day in no time. This keeps you from fast food with your co-workers over lunch.

2. Pate. It is actually the easiest meals to prepare and it’s great for eating on the go. Just take your favourites nuts or seeds and blend with some fresh veggies, herbs and spices until you have pate- like thick paste that is packed with protein and nutrients. Scoop your pate onto a bed of greens for a filling salad, serve on a rice cakes or crackers, through into nori Nori sheets, Romain leaves or collard greens for an easy wrap.

3. Liquid love. Liquid nutrition is essential for our busy lifestyle. Make protein-rich green smoothie in the morning and you will get everything you will need for the entire day in one glass. Blending makes everything easier on our digestive system, usually the first victim of stress when we are busy.

4. No time for breakfast? What about chia seeds. Before you go to bed, mix 2 tablespoons of chia seeds with around 1 cup of almond milk, a date, some vanilla, cinnamon. Stir, then place in the fridge, when you wake up, there will be a big bowl of delicious tapioca-like pudding waiting for you! Eat as is or top with fresh fruits for an extra energy boost. Chia pudding also makes a great dessert or mid-morning snack.

5.One avocado a day keeps the doctor away! Opening a perfectly green, perfectly ripe avocado is among the greatest of life’s simple pleasures. They help lower cholesterol, control blood pressure, reduce inflammation, fight free radicals in the body. Add avocado to your quinoa salad, or mix it into a smoothie for a creamy texture, or just blend it with some lemon juice and herbs for a great source for salads or pasta. Make your own guacamole!

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