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“How I naturally conceived 2 children”

Neri’s curiosity about nutrition started as a child as she questioned how our bodies receive sufficient energy from good food. Neri was always interested and curious about obtaining the right energetic balance and vitality but it wasn’t until she was newly married that she had her eureka moment, which subsequently went on to change her life and enable her to evoke her own destiny.

Neri’s greatest wish was for a child but sadly she was unable to conceive. For five years Neri and her husband tried absolutely everything, to finally be told by her doctor that she was infertile with the recommendation of IVF. Neri declined as deep down she did not believe IVF was the answer and something told her not to give up hope, so she decided to take the situation into her own hands.

Neri, then threw herself into learning everything she could about the body and physiology. She researched top nutritionists and attended the leading CNM University of London where she successfully completed her studies in Naturopathic Nutrition. This is where she learnt about the importance of using whole and organic foods as medicine, which is still the foundation of healing in many indigenous societies.

Through changing her own diet and lifestyle, Neri succeeded in creating a deeper understanding of her own body which allowed her to treat and heal her infertility. Neri went on to become pregnant and now has two healthy daughters under the age of five.

Through her insightful intuition and her strong determination, Neri is bringing the concept of nutrition to a new level by uniquely defining this medical profession.

Neri’s mission is to teach and provide her clients with tailor-made nutrition and delicious wholesome eating plans, which allow for plenty of treats. They have been created as easy and practical to follow for simple integration into demanding lifestyles.

She teaches not just how to live well, but also how to become the absolute best version of yourself. This is Neri’s life purpose and her intended contribution to many.

Kensington Nutrition Experts

Dorothy Beatty

De-Stress Facials
Over 20 years experience, specialist using essential oils from plants, acupressure point on face, neck and shoulders and treating the Lymphatic drainage system. She allows you time to rest and refresh.


Master Trainer
Exclaimed tutor of the English National Ballet, Master Trainer in Anti-Gravity Yoga and Pilates. His passion is for dance and understanding the body – he teaches you the core value of Pilates with smiles and great music.


Mind Focus
As part of our Luminous package we will help our clients stay focused: manage emotions through transformation stage. Offer you guidance whilst working with Neri and Nuno. Simply stay focused and changes happen fast.

Neringa’s ethos is “When you master what you eat, these weight loss techniques naturally monitor weight without you having to think about it”, which is vital in busy lives of men and women today she believes.

Graduated from the world-renowned College of Naturopathic Medicine in London 2012 and the founder of Kensington Nutrition, a nutrition consulting practise in London, UK, where she is consulting as a certified nutritional therapist, specialising on plant-based nutrition since seven years.


I’ve been featured in some of the biggest nutritional publications in the UK, and around the world. Take a look at some of the articles written about my story and what I can do for my clients.


Graduated from the world renowned CNM of Naturopathic Medicine in London 2012 and the founder of Kensington Nutrition.


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