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Couples Conceive

Having a child is one of life’s most rich and rewarding experiences, but for most women it can also be a time of uncertainty and It’s so difficult to know which “experts” to trust and where to find the right guidance for your journey to motherhood.

There are many complex factors that can influence fertility, so it’s fundamentally important that you provide yourself with the most amazing nutrients possible while you work towards creating that little miracle.

Neri Kasa is passionate about PRECONCEPTION CARE and she can teach you how she became pregnant, the main areas which are focused on are:

  1. women with reproductive conditions such as Endometriosis, Fibroids, and Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).
  2. women who have irregular periods due to disrupted hormone levels or are not ovulating or experienced miscarriages
  3. men wanting to achieve optimal sperm health or who have had poor results with sperm analysis
  4. infertile couples who wish to improve their chances of natural conception
  5. older men and women who are over 35 years plus
  6. stressed couples.


Graduated from the world-renowned CNM of Naturopathic Medicine in London 2012 and the founder of Kensington Nutrition.


Across the world, men die an average six years younger than women, and for reasons that are largely preventable. You can take action to live healthier, happier and longer live.

KN design bespoke packages, focusing on these main points:

  • Low Fat Diet
  • Vitamin D & Magnesium Level
  • Statin drugs for optimal cholesterol levels
  • Reduce Chronic Stress in the body
  • Exercise & Increase Quality Sleep
  • Increase libido and ED

Neringa has become a confidant to me, I trust her! I first met Neringa in 2015, my life was in a very uncertain state – I had been under such pressure that I had been emotionally eating. I was 44years old. Everything was happening to me at the same time.

I am never judged and she just seems to understand. I have recommended Neringa too many of my friends and strangers who ask me how do I keep trim and I can highly recommend her to you without any hesitation.

Melanie Watts

Founder, Lemiena


We all want our kids to be healthy from birth to teenagers; KN make bespoke eating plans and delivery Healthy kids parties!

KN offers consultations for parents with kids we focus on the following:

1. How to sneak superfoods into your child’s menu or Learn some delicious ways to hide vegetables in food.
2. How to get your fussy child to drink green smoothies
3. Can omega 3 boost your child’s brain power?
4. How to make any veggies taste good
5. How to manage allergies in children
6. Are you still using microwave for your children?
7. Sugar babies – how to stop the genocide of our children

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Loose Weight the Right Way

Kensington Nutrition offers a wide range of Detox Weekends and Diet plans, all built and customised around you and your lifestyle


WONDERWOMAN – She is the centre of the family the conductor!

Over the years we have listened to many women especially between the ages of 35-55 complaining that before they even wake up in the mornings they have these 7 stresses, no time for them and so they emotionally eat for comfort to deal with evolving teenagers moods and elderly parents needing extra love and care. Throughout the day women move from one situation to the next within second she is onto another musical note, the problem lays in the constant demands she needs instant energy to cope with the 7 demands throughout the day. Without releasing the emotional eating is compounding the problems of putting on weight and with wrong sugar (white sugar or wine) zaps our energy levels, this effects our mood swings, lack of sleep and the ability to cope while under pressure.

  1. Look Slim
  2. Demanding Teenagers
  3. Husband Libo Energy
  4. Operating House / Career
  5. Demanding Ageing Parents
  6. Menopause Changes
  7. Emotional Stress

Curing Cancer

At KN we confront Cancer but believe in positive mind-set and that is why we say CAN-CURE CANCER “YOU have cancer”.

No doubt, cancer is scary. These may be three of the most devastating words that a person can hear in their lifetime – We make bespoke eating plans to help your body while in treatment. At KN we want to also prevent cancer, the research shows that it is possible. The risk of developing cancer is determined by the lifestyle we choose to adopt. That being said, here are seven highly influential factors that can help in fighting and preventing cancer: Are you living an anti-cancer lifestyle?

Here’s what we focus on:

  1. Eat the right food. alkaline, plant based diet and lower intake of meat products
  2. Exercise regularly.
  3. Quit sugar. Highly contaminated with toxic pesticides.
  4. Go to sleep.
  5. Quit smoking.
  6. Quit drink.
  7. Maintain a healthy weight. NB:weight loss is not recommended during many cancers, when your body needs optimal nutrition and fuel to heal. The recommendation to find a healthy weight is generally advised as prevention or after your cancer has cleared.

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Kensington Nutrition can help you transform your body and achieve lasting effects.

Gift to your body: Energy + Slimming + Sleep + Skin + Sexiness + Rejuvenated Genes

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