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I am a fully certified nutritional therapist, graduated from the world-renowned College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2012. I am the founder of Kensington Nutrition, a nutrition consulting practise in Kensington, London, where I have been seeing my clients for many years. I am an accredited member of NNA (Naturopathic Nutrition Association), GNC (General Naturopathic Council), and ANP (Association of Naturopathic Practitioners).

I have created my own approach to nutrition by designing bespoke well-balanced nutritional programmes. My motto is: “Every client is a unique biosystem!” and I work for individuals’ specific health requirements. I am specialising in weight loss, gastrointestinal health, stress management, fatigue, menopause, hormonal balances, fertility issues, kids nutrition, detoxification.

All my recommendations are always based on medical science approach, which means that I use diagnostic tests (blood, urine, stool) in order to assess the imbalances in the human body that could be at the root of the health problems.


My story

Grown up in the beautiful city Kaunas, Lithuania, I have always loved gardening; my parents taught me how to grow fruits and vegetables, beautiful flowers. We had a very healthy diet, actually, sound nutrition was our way of life, and since then I have been questioning how to nourish our bodies adequately for right energetic balance and vitality. However, the turning point of my life happened a little bit later…

When I got married I could not conceive for 5 years, and was told by the doctor that I was infertile with a recommendation of IVF, but I declined. Deeply inside I did not believe this and my intuition had told me not to give up hope…

Then I started learning everything about the body and nutrition, and my interest resulted in completing my degree in Naturopathic Nutrition from the leading CNM, University of London, which addresses the use of whole and organic foods as medicine, which is an integral concept of healing.

I succeeded this way in treating my infertility through the deeper understanding of my body. My husband and I have now two healthy daughters.

My mission

My mission is to teach and provide my clients with tailor-made nutrition and delicious wholesome eating plans, which allow for plenty of treats also. They have been created as easy and practical to follow for simple integration in busy family lives.

I recommend not just how to live well, but also how to become the absolute best version of yourself. Based on my personal experience, this is my life purpose and intended contribution to many.

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In 2012, Neri Kasa graduated from the world-renowned CNM of Naturopathic Medicine in London and is the founder of Kensington Nutrition.

How Can I Help?

Kid's Nutrition

In my practice with kids, healthy eating plans fail for a couple of reasons. First, diet for kids can be too restrictive and joyless!! Second, lack of encouragement needed to make sustainable changes in a long term.

When assessing kids diets, most of them would have a low protein, carbohydrate-based breakfast like cereal or toast without having any form of protein with it. I normally give ideas to incorporate a portion of protein with breakfast to prevent blood sugar fluctuations, sugar cravings and to help sustain energy levels during the day.

Trying to find what works for your kids can be time-consuming and frustrating. But it doesn’t have to be that way! My mission is to help you!

Why Diet's Don't Work

Most weight loss programs only address the causes of the food we eat and the energy we expand, however being overweight or obese is often more than this. Overweight and obesity is often a complex health condition with no single cause. Although there is no single cause, there are several contributing factors that may play a role, including high glycaemic load diet, inactivity, hormonal imbalances, poor liver function, certain medication, hypothyroidism, toxicity, inflammation, alcohol intake, insulin resistance, appetite dysregulation, genetics, stress and psychological factors including depression.

I have seen many clients who have followed unsafe diets – diets driven by calories rather than nutrition – which results in actual health problems. For example, a high- protein diet, over a prolonged period, can lead to bone deterioration and kidney problems, a low- fat diet may interfere with hormonal health and brain function, affecting mood and self- perception.

Trying to find what works for you can be time-consuming and frustrating if you are not feeling on top of your game to start with.

Anti-Aging Secrets

Are you worried about the signs of ageing?

Do you want to stay looking and feeling youthful for as long as possible?
Are you confused about what foods you should be eating or avoiding to stay young and healthy?
Do you want to avoid spending a fortune on anti-ageing creams and cosmetic surgery?

If you answered YES to any question above, my bespoke nutrition plan dedicated to:

Teach you the key principles to holding back the years through food to keep you looking and
feeling young.
Learn about some of the best anti-ageing supplements, skincare for youthful skin, and how your lifestyle can affect the rate at which you age.
Detailed information on what to eat and what to avoid to keep you looking and feeling young.
A short detox to cleanse your body of toxins and boost your vitality.

Genova Diagnostic Testing

During a consultation, we may decide that a more in-depth exploration of your diet and health is required. Genova testing provides comprehensive and innovative clinical laboratory services for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of complex conditions.

Genova’s system based testing can help us develop targeted treatments using detailed actionable information. The internationally renowned lab is committed to the highest standards and is certified in the areas of clinical chemistry, bacteriology, mycology, parasitology, virology, microbiology, non-syphilis serology, general immunology, hematology, toxicology, as well as molecular genetics by six separate health agencies.

We can call upon their 125 specialized diagnostic assessments, covering a wide range of physiological areas to discover the best approach for your body. Below are the tests I recommend most frequently to my clients and there are many more if required.


The female body undergoes a number of different transitional stages during its lifetime. One stage of life for womanise reaching menopause. Some women suffer more than others when it comes to symptoms. For whatever stage you may be, here are 7 ways you can reduce your menopause symptoms, in a natural safe and beautiful manner.

By avoiding high-stress situations tat can effect the physical body and emotional state of mind, can help reduce menopausal symptoms dramatically. If you can not avoid these types of treasured stress, it is important to find a way of coping with it, up front. It can be though basis exercises, yoga, meditation, practising mindfulness or even listening to healing music. Anything that can help you maintain a sense of connection with your own emotions.

Eat well is a must. During this transitional time, its best to be eating clean, nutrient dense foods while staying away from sugary, synthetic or processed foods.

Acupuncture can be recommended to those suffering menopausal symptoms due to it’s ability to balance hormones in the body. Acupuncture can significantly reduce the symptoms of hot flushes and found benefit for mood swings during menopausal transitions with no adverse reactions.


Having a child is one of life’s most rich and rewarding experiences, but for most women, it can also be a time of uncertainty as we become inundated with information from all angles. It’s so difficult to know which “experts” to trust and where to find the right guidance for your journey to motherhood.

Tadas (my husband) and I put a huge focus on nourishing our bodies, eating the best quality organic foods that we could find and putting a particular emphasis on providing our bodies with the vitality it needed to be able to support new life.

There are many complex factors that can influence fertility, so it’s fundamentally important that you provide yourself with the most amazing nutrients possible while you work towards creating that little miracle.

“Neringa helped my overweight daughter aged 4 (35 kg) to lose weight by switching her eating habits to healthy choices: no more milk chocolate in any form, no more white bread just wholemeal brown pitta bread, no more honey, etc…

I used to give her an apple in the evening after supper and it turned out that it was the main cause for her extra kilos. Apples are full of sugar and can be taken in the first half of the day. What I liked best of Neringa is that she easily finds an approach to children, she performs her cute recipes in such way that kids cannot resist.

Who would decline having long eyelashes or thick braids because of eating carrots?! And she is extremely professional as well because her plan to my daughter was based on functional tests, we even had a food intolerance test. I highly recommend Neringa as kids nutrition specialist”.

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Certified Organic by the Soil Association

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